+2 Science

This is for the students opting to create a career in the field of Science and Technology. 10 + 2 education in science entitles a student the eligibility to pursue a career in the field of Medicine, Engineering and other applied and theoretical natural science sectors.
The faculty offers an integrated package in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The program aims to equip students with a level fit for further studies in technology, medicine, engineering and biotechnology. Plus two in Science is for those students who have an aptitude for science and mathematics. This program aims to develop strong foundation in students. On completion students can pursue their further studies in medicine, engineering or other science related studies.

+2 Management

The saying 'A bad son chooses commerce and a bad daughter chooses Nursing as a career’ no longer holds true today. The trend has reversed over the decade. Now, management is the preferred choice of most students. Plus two in management course is designed to develop a strong foundation on management studies. Students learn to become competent, confident and academically sound in their area of study and will therefore have the benefit of deciding, at the end of course, what aspects of business management studies would interest them at under graduate programs. The faculty offers courses designed to deliver both theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management

+2 Humanities

Humanities is an extensive package with more subjects as option under it than any other streams. Humanities in +2 is also a two years course. This stream is usually pursued by those who want to make their in the social field. This subject has a wider horizon than any other subjects. This stream teaches you about your society, its reality, customs and traditions. It also teaches about life, music, dance, art, culture, religion, sculptures, cravings, languages, History and lots of other things.  Plus two in Humanities is a foundation level course. It is for those students who want to pursue their undergraduates on mass communication, sociology, English and other related field of interest.


The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program prepares students for entry-level practice in social work. Social Work is one of the helping professions committed to improving people’s lives. Social workers may assist people in dealing with their relationships, in solving personal and family problems, or in improving the environment in their community. Social workers focus on social problems and the individual difficulties that arise from these social problems. These problems may include domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment, poor or no housing, disability, and serious illness. Most social workers work in organizations or agencies whose missions focus on helping people deal with one of more of these social problems in their lives.
BSW prepare graduates for service in the social work profession and for advanced study in social work and related disciplines.


The objective of the BBS program of Tribhuvan University is to develop students into competent managers for any sector of organized activity. The program is based on the principle that graduates will spend a major portion of their life in a constantly changing environment. In Nepal 476 colleges offers BBS program with affiliation from Tribhuvan University.
Therefore, the student should have an opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skills underlying the operation and management of organizations. Upon graduation, a student should be equipped to function as a manager in business, industry and government. The graduate should also have a variety of career opportunities in different sectors of business including entrepreneurship and create much needed jobs for others.


The objective of the MBS program is to enable the students to work as competent mangers and to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management Upon graduation, a student should be able to function as a manager in business, Industry, government and non-governmental sector, within and outside the country, in areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management. The curriculum for MBS degree comprises three separate and distinct course components: Core Courses, Specialization Courses and Thesis writing/project work.

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

What our students say

Choice of right institution can bring about a significant difference in life of a student. After an intensive and wide observation and study of the strengths and weakness of different colleges offering management courses in Bachelors level I finally came to the conclusion that BBS Program at The Times International College can be the best choice in the pursuit of excellence in my academic and professional life. When I joined the college I found it a true center of excellence and the best platform for moulding the student’s personality. Highly professional and dynamic lecturers, supportive and motivating staffs, caring and inspiring college management, modern and high quality infrastructures, wide range of co-curricular activities, enough exposure to the professional realm and various motivational programs are some of the salient features of The Times International College I have personally noticed and experienced. I am especially impressed by the individual care provided by the lecturers. I heartily thank the Times team for making me realize and feel my strengths to compete with the global competitors of the 21st century in the field of management.

"It is said that a good decision made at the right time can open various avenues of hope and doors of possibilities. I now feel that my decision to be part of The Times family is one of the best decisions in my life. I can claim that my analytical caliber, critical abilities and innovative skills were nurtured well at the Times. Highly qualified, skilled and caring faculties, mesmerizing infrastructures and superb learning environment have set the Times apart from other academic institutions. Career guidance and motivational speeches from national personalities with proven track record have enabled me to envision my future career, turning the lens towards my strength and interest. The outstanding results of the Times vividly reflect its quality. I feel glad to say that Times is a true temple of Knowledge and sweet home for all the students."

“TTIC fits the things to succeed in that particular field what students want to be in future. The companions here are disciplined and possess a character of good human. TTIC bears good teaching methodology, personal counseling, career guidance, well equipped laboratories, computer labs, library, good guardianship, sports, friendly environment and inspiring teachers. It emphasizes on sports and other things sharpening students’ hidden talents and creativity. Here, the teachers do not teach only professional but also emotionally. TTIC has a good result in all the faculties; science, management and humanities, due to the presence of management team of different personalities having long experience in corporate houses and educational fields. TTIC has outstanding academic performance with excellence board results. It keeps regular reports and interaction on students’ progress, planned program of teaching and assessment and ongoing commitment to provide quality education. TTIC ensures with the best adjustable environment and surrounding for the newly admitted students for upgrading their subjects of choice. So I would recommend all the SLC graduates to choose TTIC for the further studies because this college will surely help to frame our career. I am proud of my decision of choosing TTIC. ”